República Dominicana

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VegafinaYear of the rat16 cig.112,00 €
DavidoffWinston Churchill Robusto4 cig.47,03 €
DavidoffWinston Churchill Petit Panatela5 cig.20,27 €
DavidoffWinston Churchill Petit Corona5 cig.33,85 €
DavidoffWinston Churchill Late Hour Robusto4 cig.54,61 €
DavidoffWinston Churchill Late Hour Churchill4 cig.62,77 €
MacanudoVintage Nº2 20 cig.175,00 €
AsthonVSG Robusto24 cig.190,00 €
El CreditoTorpedo Nº2 Natural 10 cig.50,00 €
E.P. CarrilloToro Sampler5 cig.32,00 €
Casa de GarciaToro10 cig.12,80 €
DunhillSigned Torpedo25 cig.190,00 €
DunhillSigned Toro10 cig.76,00 €
DunhillSigned Robusto10 cig.71,00 €
DunhillSigned Petit Corona25 cig.172,00 €
DavidoffSignature Toro Cello4 cig.46,04 €
DavidoffSignature Petit Corona Cello5 cig.32,88 €
DavidoffSignature 2000 Tubos20 cig.187,89 €
DavidoffSignature 2000 Tubos4 cig.37,59 €
DavidoffSignature 200025 cig.213,35 €
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